What is a food processor?


Nowadays, electronic home appliances have increasingly become virtually indispensable to our daily life. However, few people understand thoroughly this home appliance. Therefore, today the purpose I decide to write this post is to show you further information about what is a food processor. First of all, if you don’t know precisely the most basic understand of a food processor, you read what is the best food processor, difference between food processor and blender. After reading the series of food processor reviews, you can click the food processors comparison charts to compare and contrast the best product lines each other. Hopefully, you will find it gratifying.

Overall information

A food processor is one of home appliances, whose main duty is to cut the food as well as other ingredients into small pieces. Commonly, this machine is used to simplify the preparation of food before cooking. “Food processor” is a term referring to an electric-motor-driven device, even though some manual machines have the same functions as a food processor such as a blender, a mixer, etc. (You can read some differences between food processor and blender).

what is a food processorNowadays, there are a wide rang of renowned food processor brands such as Cuisinart, Beville, or Black & Decker. And, the average cost of a common food processor slightly varies, but just around $100. Therefore, you can easily purchase one in accordance with your demands and interest.

The brief history of food processor

German company Electrostar introduced one of the earliest food processors named Starmix, in 1946. In spite of some basic parts similar to a simple blender, some attachments are available. They include slicing bread, milk centrifuges, and ice-cream bowls. At that time, because of the expensive electric motor units, they used a piccolo for the base unit to drive a vacuum cleaner. Afterward, in the 1960s, Albrecht von Goertz designed the Starmix MX3 food processor. Consequently, the company was re-branded as Starmix in 1968, but later you gave a focus on the vacuum cleaners, electric hand-dryers, and the last mixer about the year 2000.

what is a food processor

On the other hand, in France, a machine to process food appeared. It resulted from that a food company salesman, Pierre Verdun produced a simple but effective solution to the chopping, shredding and mixing food of his clients. It’s a bowl with an involving blade in the base. Simultaneously, in 1960, it developed into Robot-Coupe, whose duty is to manufacture commercial “food processors” for the food-producing industry. After that, in the late 1960s, they produced a powerful commercial induction motor. And the Magimix food processor arrived from France in the UK in 1974, beginning with the Model 1800. Then, a UK company named Kenwood Limited started their own first Kenwood Food Processor.

As American’s first domestic food processor, Carl Sontheimer was introduced the same Magimix 1800 food processor to North America in 1973 under the Cuisinart brand. Thereafter, Sontheimer cooperated with a Japanese company to produce new models in 1977 to suddenly launch his new Japanese-made food processor in 1980 when the contract with Robot-Coupe expired.

What is a food processor?


A food processor has numerous tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, and kneading dough for bread and pastry. Furthermore, while a food processor is a good choice for bakers, a blender is more convenient for those who must have a liquid lunch. Additionally, because the line between food processor and blender has blended, you can search high-end appliances.

What is a food processor

In terms of food form and texture, a food processor can usually process a definite form of food. It’s mainly because the specific functions are to slice, shred and so on. A food processor can help with kneading chore when people make pizza.


It is obvious that compared with a blender, a food processor is quite bigger, so you can hold and cut a greater deal of ingredients such as meat or vegetables. A food processor consists of a beneath base, a bowl, cutting blades, slicing or shredding disks, a feed tube and a lid.

In specific, the base is a motor, whose duty is to turn the upright shaft. A bowl fitting around the shaft is commonly made from transparent plastic. The cutting blades’ task is to split the food into smaller. And they are always near the bottom of the bowl. Moreover, you can easily add the ingredients whiling operating the food processor thanks to the feed tube. Finally, the lid on the top of the machine so as to keep all ingredients inside and protect the fingers from cutting themselves. Most remarkably, a food processor usually comes with a safety device to protect the very motor if the lid is not correctly guaranteed to the bowl.

Blade configuration

what is a food processor

A food processor has a wide range of blades of the food processor, most increasingly an S-shaped blade. Therefore, this machine is not suitable for cutting the food into the smoothies effectively. It, nevertheless, has also some shredding and slicing disks and other types of blade. What’s more, a food processor can do things like chopping, slicing, kneading, shredding. Honestly, the food processor is fairly effective because of the serrated blades.

Revolution per minute

The revolution per minute is really integral because it has a strong effects on the speed and productivity. A food processor operates magnitude slower than 20,000 RPMs. As a result, the food processor neither oxidizes food as fast as the blender nor chops it up quite effectively either.

Concluding thoughts

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