How To Clean a Food Processor



For almost all families, a food processor is very necessary in their kichens. However, I’m sure that not all users know how to clean properly their food processor, which usually results in reducing the life span of the food processors. Therefore, in this series of the food processor review, I am giving you some handy tips to clean correctly your food processor. 

Food processor review


After listening to sharing of many household wives, I realize that 99% of time used to rinse it out and run the pieces of the food processor. In general, they commonly use dishwasher to clean them, but they don’t know it’s that wrong way always to make their food processors go wrong sooner. It’s because the dishwasher can’t get into the nooks as well as the crannies. You should remember that all of the food processor’s parts need thoroughly cleaning to keep things hygienic. If you use the wrong way, it’s a right pest! Hence, it’s essential for you to follow the golden rules of cleaning properly which will be shown in this part of the food processor review.

The previous experiment

Before, I apply many ways of cleaning the food processor, notably using a long, skinny tool to reach up into the handle and inside the blade, for example. Also, I use a chopstick with a paper towel and rubber bands, use a tiny scrub brush, and use water bottle cleaning kit. Ironically, all of those are not successfull. Finally, I see that the only way to clean thoroughly the food processor is to rinse it by hand carefully. And in this food processor review, I would guide you specifically.

Food processor review

What you need?

-A sink;

– Warm water;

Mild soap;

– Non-abrative scrub brush;

-Water bottle cleaning set or other long, narrow cleaning brush;


– Dish towels.



Step 1: Take the food processor apart

Initially, if you want to clean the machine, it’s necessary to unplug the appliance into small parts including lid, blade and pushers in order to put them in the dishwasher, except the motor base, of course. Otherwise, the water can get into the electrical parts.

Step 2: Wash the separate pieces

At this step, you should submerge all parts into the sink full of warm, soapy water. More importantly, you should soak them for a few minutes. Then, you use an old toothbrush and a soft cloth to wash gently the nooks and crannies. Be careful with the blades and put them into the top rack to air dry.

Food processor review

Step 3: Wipe down the motor base

You ought to use a damp cloth and don’t submerge in water and don’t pour water over them either.It’s a good suggestion that you should use mild dish soap or a baking soda paste for the stubborn stains.

Step 4: Clean all crevices

You should look the small and tight spaces, most notably inside the blade and handle. With those, you’re advised to use a small brush to scrub them and any other tiny nooks. Moreover, you can get the grim off by using soapy water and some white vinegar. Most vitally, you should attend particularly to the handle crevices the locking mechanism and inside the chopping blades. Afterward, move tool up and down to dislodge food. Carefully examine the rubber washer. If you suspect it may be a little moldy, soak it in a solution of 2 parts water to 1 part bleach for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Fully dry and assemble the food processor

After carefully and thoroughly clean all parts of the food processor, you finally dry the pieces completely, then put it back together and store it. What’s more, you can use on a regular basis, store it on a countertop or in another accessible location.



Some useful tips

-Mix a 1 to 1 part of baking soda and water. Store it in the bowl for 10-15 minutes if your food processor is smelly.

-Use nylon brushes to clean blades without danger of cutting yourself.

-Make sure to dry all to prevent bacteria from growing or damaging.

Concluding thought

The above information of cleaning properly the food processor can be helpful to you. I hope you will like this post, in specific, and like other posts in this food processor review.

Thank you for reading and welcome back to the next post!